Visitors using Guidekick app at the Legion of Honor

The mobile platform for museums.

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We work with our partners to develop a custom mobile app tailored for their facility and visitors’ specific needs. Branded as “Your Museum,” visitors have access to an award-winning mobile experience, complete with curated tours, indoor wayfinding, an interactive user experience, and much more.

*Available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android devices.

Guidekick displayed on Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Android

Comprehensive analytics give our partners valuable insight into visitor information, behavior, and trends, including:

  1. Which displays & artworks receive the most traffic?
  2. What is the age breakdown of visitors?
  3. Which demographics should be targeted for specific marketing?
  4. How are visitors experiencing the physical space?

Creating a customized content experience is a collaborative effort, and we work closely with our partners every step of the way. At the end of the day, content changes and artworks move. With Guidekick, our partners have complete control over their content through the Experience Management Dashboard, where you can make changes that are instantly available to your users.

Award-winning experiences we've created

Gary Castro, de Young CIO

"Guidekick has provided an incredible experience for our visitors. There’s nothing else like this out there."

Gary Castro

Chief Information Officer, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Hoyt Fields, former Hearst Castle Director

“I’m truly convinced this is the best museum application in the world”

Hoyt Fields

Museum Director from 1975 to 2014, Hearst Castle

1/3 what sets guidekick apart?

A Beautiful 3D Map of Your Building & Grounds

It all begins with a beautiful 3D map that brings your museum to life. The map is the basis for navigation and orientation, two of the most common sources of confusion for visitors. Additionally, the high quality 3D map serves as a powerful marketing tool to engage visitors by allowing access to museum offerings and information before and after a visit.

3D map of Legion of Honor Museum

2/3 what sets guidekick apart?

Indoor Wayfinding

Integrated with site specific or custom indoor positioning technologies, the app allows seamless wayfinding and is able to automatically trigger alerts to content without requiring a user to take any additional action, such as typing in a number or scanning a code. This design and functionality allows the visitor to keep their focus on engaging with the art, and not require them to look down. The magic is, with our system, our partners don’t need 1,000 beacons to do the trick.

Wayfinding within Guidekick app at de Young Museum

3/3 what sets guidekick apart?


Guidekick’s unique back end data analysis tools provides robust and easy to read visualizations of location tracking to reveal how visitors interact and move within your space. Have you ever wanted to know which areas get the most foot traffic? Or how that traffic changes over time? We give you the tools to find out all you need to know.

Analytics dashboard displaying visitor heatmap data at de Young Museum

Also Included

Proximity Notifications

If a device is in a visitor’s pocket, the app will notify them when they have approached significant artwork. This passive notification system encourages visitors to remain focused on the art, the purpose of their visit, and not a mobile screen.

Headphones Not Required

Headphones are optional with our app. “How?” you say. We treat the audio just like the taking of a call. Simply raise the device to your ear and audio plays through the earpiece, creating a private and peaceful experience without disturbing other visitors.

Multimedia Content

Video, images, text, audio, and anything else you can think of – it can all be included as part of your customized experience and is fully supported by our app.

Thematic Tours

Tours are core to the app experience and also unique to each museum. We work with our partners to create tours based on their museum’s unique collection or for special groups and events. From there, visitors can choose what interests them, and the app guides them accordingly.

Multiple Language Support

The app is localized, meaning if you want to support multiple languages, it’s quick and easy to get up and running. Need translators? We have you covered.


Beacons alone are impractical and expensive when deployed for widespread location tracking. However, Guidekick has learned how to effectively deploy them use them sparingly for proximity notifications.

Membership & Donations

It takes funding to keep the doors open. The app is a direct line to visitors and an effective way to encourage memberships & donations.

Social Sharing

The app allows visitors to share their favorite artwork with friends and family via popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. This gives visitors a sense of ownership while promoting your museum brand.


Not everyone uses a mobile device the same way. For this reason, the app supports many of the different ways it could be used with accessibility features turned on.