Visitors using Guidekick app at the Legion of Honor

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3D map of Legion of Honor Museum

For Your Visitors

We begin by creating an interactive 3D map of your space (example above). It’s the basis for the entire user experience. After that, the possibilities are many. These are the product options we currently offer:

Mobile App Interactive Touch Kiosk Web App

For Your Organization

To complete the experience, content is overlayed on the map, giving visitors the ability to understand and engage with your space. You have direct control over that content, and insight into visitor demographics and behavior with powerful analytics.

Content Management Product & Visitor Analytics

Featured Partners

Jen Rogers, Frick Museum Social & New Media Manager

"This app brings our site to life! Visitors are able to interact with our landscape in ways never before possible."

Jen Rogers

Social & New Media Manager, Frick Art & Historical Center

Gary Castro, de Young CIO

"Guidekick has provided an incredible experience for our visitors. There’s nothing else like this out there."

Gary Castro

Chief Information Officer (2014-2017), Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Hoyt Fields, former Hearst Castle Director

“I’m truly convinced this is the best museum application in the world.”

Hoyt Fields

Museum Director (1975-2014), Hearst Castle

Guidekick apps featured by Apple

Mobile App

The mobile app is the perfect visitor companion that turns wayfinding and learning into a simple and fun experience. The app is designed to help visitors focus on what’s in front of them, without distraction.

The Frick app: 

Telegraph Berkeley Tour app: 

Wayfinding within Guidekick app at de Young Museum

Interactive Touch Kiosk

At the moment visitors arrive, the kiosk helps them quickly get oriented. In just a few taps, it allows visitors to figure out what to see and how to get there.

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Web App

Whether a visitor is simply planning a trip or is not able to visit in person, the interactive 3D web map is the perfect way to explore from afar. It can even be integrated into your organization’s existing website.

  Indianapolis Airport   Asian Art Museum

Creating a customized content experience is a collaborative effort, and we work closely with our partners every step of the way. At the end of the day, content changes and artworks move. With Guidekick, our partners have complete control over their content through the Experience Management Dashboard, where you can make changes that are instantly available to your users.

Comprehensive analytics give our partners valuable insight into visitor information, behavior, and trends, including:

  1. Which points of interest receive the most traffic?
  2. What is the age breakdown of visitors?
  3. Which demographics should be targeted for specific marketing?
  4. How are visitors experiencing the physical space?


Interactive 3D Maps

Our 3D maps give a sense of depth and space better than anything else that exists, allowing visitors to have a true understanding of your space and their surroundings. Our 3D maps are also just fun to play with!

Indoor and Outdoor Wayfinding

When visitors are on site, wayfinding is a critical part to get right. In that sense, we focus on solving the exact definition of it: guiding people through a physical environment and enhancing their understanding and experience of the space.

Indoor Positioning

Our products are agnostic to indoor positioning providers. This allows for compatibility with any indoor positioning system (like Beacons or WiFi SLAM). We’ll help you choose the right indoor positioning solution for your space.

Multimedia Content

Video, images, text, audio, and anything else you can think of – it’s all included and supported. For narration on the mobile app, simply raise the device to your ear and audio plays privately through the earpiece. Don’t have content? We can work with you to create it.

Thematic Tours

Create tours based on your organization’s collections or for special groups and events. From there, visitors can choose what interests them, and are guided accordingly.

Multiple Language Support

Products may support multiple languages. Need help translating content? We can work with you to create translations in as many languages as you need.

Plan Your Visit

Allow your visitors to add points of interest to their "favorites" list within the app. Visitors can then reference their favorites any time before, during, and after their visit.

Social Sharing

Enable visitors to share their favorite part of the experience, promoting your organization’s brand to the rest of the connected world.


Not everyone uses digital devices the same way. For this reason, all products support a list of accessibility features.